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About Me

Bridal Make up artist | Make up Enthusiastic | Chennai Beauty blogger | Chennai Youtuber | Mother of toddler

Makeup artist Shiela arvind

My love for art and creativity made me knock the doors of the Dept of Visual Communication, yeah! that’s my qualification. I assumed I would end up being a visualizer or designer in some Ad Agency but ended up being a Photo researcher and later on a Photo Permissions Project Manager, this molded the business side of me but I dint stop here, this is not what I wanted to do all my lifetime. I was longing for my art, I wanted colors to pour in through, that is when I discovered a whole world of makeup right here on the internet, I madly went on following makeup and beauty bloggers like there was no tomorrow! Crazy me! I started watching, shopping and playing with makeup, it gave that little jazz in my life which I was craving for… yes I went a step further ahead and started doing this super joyous work on others which bought a huge difference in them. So here I am full time bridal makeup artist, who would love to bring that gorgeous glow on every girl who dreams and deserves to be special on the most important day of her life.

About Kohls and Blushes:
As a little girl the very first piece of cosmetic that I started using was a khol pencil, I was amazed at the difference that it could create in a jiffy and its one product that I can’t live without. And as I started experimenting with makeup, the last thing that I love and that could make a huge difference is a blush , it gives that freshness to the look which I absolutely love and adore. Putting these two together came the name of my blog “Kohls and Blushes”. I find this blog a way to express my work and also to quench my long time thirst of makeup and beauty blogging.

Thanks for stopping by! I value your time and your comments!

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